Get the Magic of Color & Movement Working!

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By Jane Verity © Dementia Care International

Over many years, we have found that colour and movement can be used to dramatically improve communication, involvement and contentment of people with dementia. It is simply amazing how quickly and positively they respond to bright colours and eye-catching movement.

Our range of colourful and vibrant silks can be used to great effect in the sharing, caring and playful activities that are so vital to building bridges with people who have dementia.

A great deal of research was undertaken before selecting silk as the best material on which to create a palette of bright colours for maximum effect. Silk literally shimmers; it floats like a cloud, dances with the breeze and yet is so soft to the touch. Silk attracts, entrances and captivates.

Our large range of hand-painted silk items was created exclusively for Dementia Care Australia. The warm, vibrant colours, gossamer textures and various shapes excite the senses and bring out creativity in everyone who sees them. No one can resist the temptation to touch these beautiful creations from the rainbow ribbons to the silk scarves.

A rainbow rosette can be worn with a name badge to build an instant bridge between the wearer and a person with dementia. Even the most unexpected people will comment on the beautiful colours. Sophia, an ordinarily austere 92-year old resident, enthusiastically responded, ‘That is the most beautiful brooch I have even seen. Can I have one of those?

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