Listening to our Hearts Through Colour

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By Wendy Dunn © dementiacareinternational

We have all stood and watched in wonder at the beauty of the rainbow as it arches to the ground and marveled at the colour combination that sits in the rainbow.

Colour has always played an important role in our lives and can be traced back through the different mediums of art, science and healing to ancient times. We all have our favourite colours and usually find that certain colours look better on us than others. There are many people that can see the colour in people’s auras (which is the energy field that surrounds the body). Colour plays a significant role in the choices we make when buying items and many of you will notice the colours used to catch our attention in advertising. The colours we choose to have in our lives are chosen because they make us feel comfortable, secure and nurtured.

Eastern philosophy talks of the 7 energy centres in our body called chakra centres, which each have a different colour vibration. Chakra means wheel and the chakra centres all spin at different rates. It is said that if we have all our chakra centres in balance then our physical body will be in balance as well.

Here is a brief description of each chakra centre and the colour it relates to.

1. Base Chakra (Red) – Situated at the base of the spine and includes the sexual organs. Red is action, passion, grounding, life force, survival skills and drive to survive, deeply energizing, earth.

2. Spleen Chakra (Orange) – Situated below the navel and includes kidneys, abdomen, lower back and navel. Orange is creativity in action, increases oxygen, mindfulness (care in thought), dedication, contentment, insight, rapture, humour, bliss a good belly laugh.

3. Solar Plexus (Yellow, Gold) – Situated above the navel and includes the stomach, liver and gall bladder. Yellow is happiness, sunshine, mental clarity, intellect, acquired knowledge, assimilation (learned knowledge from books, etc).

4. Heart Chakra (Green) – Includes the heart and lungs. Green is balance, harmony, healing, seeker of truth, direction and decision making, love of nature, heart and the feeling side of life, giving and receiving of love.

4½. Throat Chakra (Turquoise)
– Situated between the heart chakra and throat chakra and is stimulated on the right side of the chest. Turquoise is creative communication of the heart, communication of one to the many, symbol of sea and dolphin energy, peace and balance, public speaking enhancer, silicon technology, computer communication.

5. Throat Chakra (Blue)
– Situated at the base of the skull includes the throat and vocal chords. Blue is peace, peaceful mind, peaceful communication, governs the spoken word, creativity, analytical mind.

6. Brow Chakra or as some call it the 3rd Eye Chakra (Deep Royal Blue, Violet) – Includes the forehead. Violet is spiritual service and religion, transformation, calming, understanding, healing ray, service in healing or transformation.

7. Crown Chakra (Violet, Magenta) – Includes the top of the head. Magenta is a powerful colour, divine love, love in caring for the little things, love for the small everyday things, compassion, expression for caring.

I have been asked many times why I included turquoise in my rainbow silk scarves and the answer is because I believe it is a very important colour for humanity as it moves into the new millennium. It will help support us as we go into the silicon age, which embraces technology, computers and computer communication. Turquoise brings together the blue of communication with the green of heart energy. This is one of the new colour rays and dates back to Lemurian and Altlantean times. I also feel that the rainbow is not complete without this colour and find that my pieces do not have the same energy behind them if it is left out.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the different aspects of colour and perhaps you can look at the way colour works in your life