What about You? (Public article)

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By Jane Verity ©dementiacareinternational.com


Fantastic Tips for Home Carers to Thrive!

One of the greatest gifts we can give to those we support and care for who have dementia is to reinvigorate and keep our own spark kindled so that we can pass on our joy and enthusiasm to them as well as providing emotional and physical care. Through the Spark of Life Philosophy, we aim to inspire and encourage hope to enable the experience of supporting someone with dementia to be the absolute best possible.

As the Supportive Partner, you need energy as well as patience. Knowing how to take good care of yourself is absolutely vital to the well-being of both you and anyone in your care.

Here is the first of 9 valuable tips to ignite and rekindle your spark:

1. Accept the Feelings You May Experience

Sometimes these feelings can be quite unexpected. You might feel angry because you have not been appreciated for all the work you are putting in, or angry about friends who suddenly disappear and are no longer around when you really need them.

You might feel disgust at things the person who has dementia is suddenly saying or doing that they would never have done before. Perhaps you feel guilty for something you said or did, or didn’t say or do?

You might feel lonely. Not everyone can easily understand what you are going through. You may have many other underlying feelings that you don’t even realise you are experiencing, but these are very real and a natural response to all that is going on in your life. My best advice is to simply accept such feelings – they are a part of you.

Most importantly, forgive yourself. You are human. If you experience a great deal of stress, or are tired and reach the point where you’ve had enough, remember that it’s only natural that you feel this way. Ask for help.