Spark of Life: Jumping for the Children of Uganda

The Rise and Shine Dyslexic Organization (RASDO) in Uganda has  two Spark of Life Master Practitioners, Richard Semanda and Jesca Nakibirango.   In 2017, the organisation started a boarding section with seven children with learning disabilities.

In August, parents were educated on the Spark of Life philosophy as a new approach that teachers apply during lessons, which has helped the organisation to support many children who were previously voiceless.

Richard Semanda, Chairman of the Board of Directors at RASDO, explained to parents that the Spark of Life Philosophy was developed to enable people with dementia globally and can also be applied in areas such as age care and mental health. RASDO have decided to pilot the philosophy in Uganda for children with learning disabilities and during learning sessions it has created smiles in both students and teachers.

Daisy & Paul jump for Spark of Life

Inspired by the Spark of Life Philosophy, parents at the centre suggested a practical activity in the form of play that can attract and promote the philosophy in both the children and the public.

The parents group came up with, ‘Jumping for the Spark of Life Philosophy and the Children of Uganda.’ They all requested the leaders to add the ‘jump’ to their sports activities and to invite whoever visits the centre to jump for the Spark of Life Philosophy in Uganda. They felt that jumping shows the philosophy can spark not only at the Centre but also in their homes and  communities.

Nakato Daisy

On the 23rd of August 2017, the centre held an educational tour to wild life Entebbe where the jump was launched and Nakata Daisy was awarded the best jumper for the term.