Jesca Nakibirango

Spark of Life Philosophy Bringing out the Potential in Children with Neurological Disorders

By Jesca Nakibirango, Spark of Life Master Practitioner, Founder and Director Rise and Shine Dyslexic Organization and Learning Centre, Kampala, Uganda.

Since October 2015, Jesca together with her colleague Richard have pioneered the Spark of Life Philosophy in Uganda to enrich the lives of elders with dementia. Jesca has also brought the philosophy into her school for education of children with neurological disorders with outstanding results.

Through the sponsorship, which I received from Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life,  to attend the Spark of Life Master Leadership Program, I  acquire the knowledge and skills to enrich the lives of people with dementia.

The Spark of Life Philosophy provides care to people with dementia but cuts across and benefit learners with special needs education, which I have seen working very well. During the training, my love was ignited to unconditional love, which has boosted confidence and low self-esteem in people with dementia and other neurological disorders.

To have love and to have unconditional love are different things, unconditional love looks behind any special need and that is what Spark of Life Philosophy inspires in Master Practitioners. Once a practitioner has the enthusiasm of passing on unconditional love to people with dementia, it enhances their longevity since such care has no harm to one’s health.

Our vision and energies are on starting Spark of Life Sunshine Clubs in Uganda. If it wasn’t Spark of life sponsorship to train us in dementia Care, Uganda wouldn’t have seen this light.  I therefore call upon funders who wish to fund Master Practitioners through the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life to donate willingly. If many Master Practitioners have  a chance to attend this education, we shall be able to provide care to the ageing population with dementia as this philosophy caters for both people with dementia in poor and rich families.