Nilanjana Maulik

Restoring Purpose in Life

By Nilanjana Maulik, Spark of Life Master Practitioner at the ARDSI Day Centre, Kolkata, West Bengal.  

Since May 2017, Nilanjana has implemented the Spark of Life Philosophy in her Day Centre that specifically supports people with dementia. 

Nilanjana shares, ‘I would love to tell about a lady named Rama Di who at the age of 71 is a bundle of energy. She has always taken control of life, but with dementia setting in she was obviously losing control and her environment was restricting her freedom and the experience was traumatic for her.

She came to our centre a year ago with lots of stress and an urge to wander, looking for opportunities to be engaged and feel important. The staff has learnt about the Spark of Life 5 Core Emotional Needs. They found out about her past life history and that Rama Di grew up in rural Bengal and was always playing in the green fields most of her childhood days.

The staff worked together to devise a simple but powerful solution to meet her unmet needs and improve the quality of life for her. They created a space in the garden where she can walk as she pleases and feel comfortable among the green plants. Enabling her to again experience the freedom of space has  made a profound difference to her quality of life. She started planting new plants, spending time watering them and clearing the weeds.

Now Rama Di has a place that she enjoys, her wandering has turned to being in the garden with joy and a purpose.’

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