Trudy Wadsworth

A Second Chance

Shared by Trudy Wadsworth, Master Practitioner and acting EO/Don at Elliston Hospital and Pines Hostel, Elliston South Australia.

Trudy has been implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy and Whole System in both the hospital and the hostel since May 2017. She is a role model and inspiration for her entire region showcasing what can be possible to achieve when applying the principles of the Spark of Life Philosophy into the everyday care practices.

“Some months ago Wayne came to stay with us here in Elliston after a long illness including brain surgery to remove a clot. He had been hospitalised for four months going back and forth to Adelaide, in and out of acute care and rehabilitation. His lovely wife Janice constantly by his side.

Janice said: “Wayne was a wreck. He was angry and frustrated and at times lashed out even at me.”

After a stay in a regional hospital it was decided that Wayne could no longer live at home with Janice and needed to go into permanent high care. While looking for residential care closer to home, the Pines Hostel in Elliston was chosen as the best place for Wayne because of the Spark of Life Philosophy being practiced here.

“When he arrived in Elliston he had a PEG tube in situ because he had forgotten how to eat. The supplement did not agree with him so he constantly had to go to the toilet. He had lost 15 kg during his time in hospital. He was confused, had only few words and found it difficult to communicate. He was profoundly sad, frustrated and angry and constantly wanted to get out,” Trudy explained.

She continued: “The Spark of Life Education and role modelling my team has received came into its own with Wayne.  We instantly identified Wayne’s unmet need and the team around him put heart and soul into developing a close, kind and compassionate relationship with him which has been the catalyst for Wayne’s improvement.

He has now regained his ability to eat and has put on weight.

The staff shares: “His ‘spark’ is back and he is such a happy soul, chirpy, chatty and joking. Always so thankful and constantly expressing his gratitude. We have grown really fond of Wayne and he now has many friends.”

Janice and Wayne have now decided that Wayne is not going to move and will stay here with us at Elliston permanently even though Janice travels over three hundred km for her weekly visits.