Elizabeth Aina-Scott

August 22, 2023

Spark of Life Model of Care In Nigeria:
The Hebron Love and Care Centres and Care Home

By Elizabeth Aina-Scott, Spark of Life Master Practitioner and CEO of Hebron Love and Care Centres and Care Home

Spark of Life: The How of Unconditional Love

Since 2016, when I first heard about the Spark of Life, it has been joy and excitement all around me. You never can know the depth of care until you experience the true love which the ‘Spark of Life’ brings.  This new philosophy of care has so much to offer the rejected, the diseased, the downcast and the hopeless.

Through its person-centred approach, challenges are turned into celebrations. There is no down moment, as one positive event leads to another. The Spark of Life Model of Care has changed my entire perception about care, love and relationships.

Through the education from Dementia Care International, I learnt the how of unconditional love, patience to tolerate momentary challenges, understanding to shift my focus from the disease, disability, difficult behaviour and differences, and look behind these ‘4 D’s’ connecting heart to heart, soul to soul of the other person focusing on the ‘angel’ inside rather than the confronting what I call the lion outside.

I have learnt that through emotional connection, heart to heart, soul to soul, I can bring out the angel in the most difficult person. With focused attention of unconditional love, accomplishing new tasks has never been so easy. Practicing Spark of Life has made me more desirable by clients. Teaching the philosophy of Spark of Life has connected me in an unprecedented manner to the society at large.

So friends, ignite the spark and life is renewed, rekindling new hope and aspiration.

Thank you Dementia Care International, and Jane Verity and Hilary Lee.
Your Model of Care changed my world.