3 Day Spark of Life Club Facilitator Course

A Powerful Program for Rehabilitation in Dementia

The 3-Day Spark of Life Club Facilitator Course is an assessed and internationally certified course that will give the participants the skills and knowledge to implement and run the Spark of Life Club Program either in residential care or a community setting.

Spark of Life Club Program

The Spark of Life Club Program is an interactive, therapeutic empowerment program designed to build confidence and reignite the spirit in people with dementia. Whilst developed specifically for people with dementia, the Spark of Life Club Program can also be successfully adapted for other client groups.

The Spark of Life Club Program is adaptable to people with any level of dementia. The only prerequisite is that a Club Member can sit up and have eye contact with other Club Members.

Extraordinary results from the Spark of Life Club Program mean that people with dementia can experience improvements in memory and language. They also feel joy and a renewed zest for life resulting in stronger relationships with each other and their families. The results last well beyond the time spent in the club with members wanting to engage socially with each other outside the program.

Watch rehabilitation in action – the Spark of Life Philosophy as implemented by trained facilitators.


Who is This Course For?

The 3-Day Spark of Life Club Facilitator Course is not only applicable for Lifestyle Professionals, together with their Managers, in the areas of dementia, aged care and mental health. The course is also for Allied Health Professionals as it holds the key to rehabilitation by providing the skills to awaken dormant abilities in people with dementia.

3-Day Course Content

Day 1: Framework for Success
Participants will learn about the Spark of Life Philosophy; the Key Principles to the Spark of Life Club Program; the science behind the new paradigm and Spark of Life; how to adapt the Spark of Life Club Framework to other types of social activity and how to plan a weekly and 12 months program.

Day 2: Facilitating Rehabilitation
Participants will learn how to identify the club level most suited to each Club Member; how to listen with empathy; the special Spark of Life Method to awaken dormant abilities and facilitate rehabilitation; and a practical skill to boost self-esteem in a profound way. The day provides experiential exercises for accelerated learning.

Day 3: Implementing the Program
Participants will learn a specific test to identify the most appropriate Theme Activities; questions to set up for success; how to facilitate Theme Activities for each Club Level and identify meaningful roles; how to get started, the planning and implementation process and an overview of recommended evaluation tools.

A One-day Option for Managers

A special one-day option is available for managers as the Spark of Life Club Program represents a culture transformation, making it ideal for Managers to participate alongside their Lifestyle Professionals.  This first day provides a thorough overview of the program, giving Managers everything needed to support the successful implementation of the Spark of Life Club Program. The extra benefit for Managers is that the Spark of Life principles behind the program are relevant for every social activity within their organisation, including staff and residents meetings. *A special fee applies for this one-day option for Managers.

For more information on running or attending this course, please contact us via email: info@dementiacareinternational.com