4-Day Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program

4-Day Certified Course on the Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program – Live via Zoom

Upcoming Dates:
Time Zone: Australasia
26th to 29th February 2024

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This 4-day internationally certified course gives participants the knowledge of neuro-rehabilitation applied to dementia and the specific skills to successfully implement the Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program.

The skills are transferable to enhance the experience of other aspects of care including personal connections on an individual basis.

This program is equally applicable in residential care, community services, hospitals, and palliative care.

The Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program is designed for Allied Health Professionals, Nurses and Managers.

Additional Benefits:

  • Reduction in behaviours of concern, minimising the need for psychotropic medication
  • Reduction in falls
  • Staff fulfilment and engagement

Personalised Learning Experience

This 4-day course is capped at 10 participants.

This small number means having an unmatched personal experience of learning directly from the two leaders of Dementia Care International in a supportive, experiential learning environment.

Live via Zoom

The Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program Course is provided live via Zoom.

“We have set the bar high and developed an exceptional, compelling and world class zoom experience for every participant anywhere in the world.
We provide a learning environment via the internet that at the same time is inspiring, energising and captivating, making it a joy for all participants to focus and concentrate”
Jane Verity, Founder and CEO Dementia Care International

“I have LOVED everything about this course. I want all of my team to do this education to make it a wonderful home for our people with dementia so they can live their lives feeling valued, and likewise for my staff.”
Jenny Ballantyne, Care Centre Manager, Summerset Rototuna,
Hamilton New Zealand

“The experience of learning by Zoom has been excellent. I’ve found that I could concentrate a lot better because I was comfortable in the familiar surroundings of my office.”
Vicki Lincoln, Enliven, Palmerston North, New Zealand

“I have learned so much and never has a seminar captured my attention like this one. It meant a lot to have the science behind everything, so I know for a fact I will be doing something that makes a real difference.”
Nanna Margrét Guðmundsdóttir, Occupational Therapist,
Reykjavik, Iceland

“I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program Course, which has been incredibly enriching and has profoundly influenced my work.

Through this program, l have delved into a person-centered approach to dementia care that has touched my heart deeply. Learning about the Spark of Life philosophy has given me valuable insights into the profound impact of building meaningful relationships with those we care for. It has opened my eyes to the immense potential for joy, connection, and growth that lies within each person, regardless of their cognitive abilities. It was heartwarming to witness the stories of transformation and the meaningful connections that were fostered through this approach.

Moreover, the knowledge and skills gained from the Spark of Life Program Course have had a positive impact on my current work. I have seen how our clients respond positively to the person-centered approach, and their smiles and sense of contentment remind me why I chose this path in the first place.

Florida Gashi – working with a trauma survivor

I am eager to apply these principles to enhance our psychosocial support programs within KRCT. I am certain that by adopting this rehabilitative approach, we can elevate the quality of care we provide and make a profound difference in the lives of those we serve.

Thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity to attend the Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program Course. It has ignited a spark within me that I am determined to carry throughout my career, spreading warmth and compassion wherever it is needed.”
Florida Gashi, Psychosocial Officer at The Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims


Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program:
Manager’s 2-day Option

This 2-day intensive and practical course is designed for Managers to attend alongside one or more of their colleagues who are participating in the full 4-day Certified Course on the Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program.

By participating in the 2-day course, Mangers gain:

  • Understanding from a leadership perspective on how this program sets a health care service apart
  • The knowledge to articulate this point of difference to auditors, accreditors, and families
  • The ability to apply the principles of the Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program to enhance performance outcomes

How to Apply

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Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program Course
Live via Zoom

Time Zone: Australasia 26th to 29th February 2024

Click here to download the February 2024 Course Brochure

To enquire about the course and the application form, please email us at info@dementiacareinternational.com

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From 1st January 2024, the fee for Dementia Care International’s Spark of Life Education will increase to reflect the rise in costs. For education booked and paid for before 30th November 2023 the current fee will be honoured.

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