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Adriel Rest Home and Adriel House – On the journey to become Spark of Life Centres of Excellence.

Adriel Rest Home and Adriel House are two small homes adjacent to each other providing care for people with dementia in a warm, country home environment.

Residents enjoying helping to bath a baby with one of the relatives.

Both homes cater for people who enjoy space, gardens and animals, with the focus on keeping their independence and supporting them as individuals.

The Spark of Life Philosophy has been implemented in the Rest Home since April 2012 and in Adriel House since its opening in February 2014.

Everybody loves getting up & having a ‘wee’ dance every now & then to the music of two relatives.

Adriel Rest Home and Adriel House have received commendations from auditors who have visited the homes and been in awe of the achievements in providing exceptional quality of life for the residents.


Mischeal McCormick, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Mischeal is a Registered Nurse, Spark of Life Master Practitioner and owner/operator of these two small Rest homes (residential care homes) in the South Island, where she and her team are creating the true meaning of home and community.

Mischeal lives on a farm in the country and is bringing the richness of life on the farm into the everyday experience of her residents.


Residents, Relatives & friends enjoying a gorgeous day out in the sun for the Christmas Hoedown. ‘Smiles were never far away on this day,’ Mischeal said.
Adriel Rest Home & Adriel House are situated in the middle of a farming community & a number of retired farmers live at Adriel House.



Strathallan Life Care Village – On the journey to become Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.

Strathallan Lifecare is part of the Hurst Aged Care Group and is a community of 77 people living in full residential care plus approximately 90 staff members. There are also people living independently in villas and apartments.

Rose Blair, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Rose is a Registered Nurse and the Clinical Manager at Strathallan studying for a Master’s Degree specialising in palliative care.



Rose role playing a Spark of Life Theme Activity with her staff as part of the education on the Spark of Life Certified Club Facilitator Course.

As a Spark of Life Master Practitioner, Rose has been implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy since November 2014, seeing and witnessing first hand cultural transformation, re-ignition and recovery of dormant abilities.

Breakfast Club: Sharing breakfast with staff’s children during school holidays

Anzac Day Commemoration Service honouring the contributions of War Veterans. This gentleman had participated in World War 2 & was invited to lay the wreath.

In 2016, Strathallan Lifecare was awarded the Build and Grown Environment national award at the New Zealand Aged Care Conference for their specialised outdoor environment where the Spark of Life Philosophy played an integral part of the design.

Playing croquet in the nationally awarded Spark of Life inspired garden


Ranui Home – On the journey to become a Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.

Ranui Home is part of Enliven Presbyterian Support Otago and is a home of 48 people residents; many of whom have dementia.  There are 80 staff members and 19 volunteers providing care and support. Family members of those who live at Ranui also form an important part of the Ranui Community.

One of the men living at Ranui Home giving the handyman a helping hand.
Jan’s face lights up when a puppy is placed on her knee.

Leigh McLeod, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Leigh is of Maori descent and a proud representative of her people and traditions. She completed her nursing degree in 1997 and up until 2015 worked within the mental health field where she pioneered new and successful ways for people to experience recovery and rehabilitation.

Leigh is now the clinical coordinator and Spark of Life Master Practitioner at Ranui Home and has commenced the journey with her team to become a Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.

Watch Leigh McLeod in her native language Maori sharing her reflections about the Spark of Life Philosophy & how it connects with her culture.



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‘We have seen a tremendous improvement in the quality of care on an individual basis along with a decrease in behavioural incidences and in falls. We have had very good outcomes in relationship to accreditation and certification and continue to achieve a third four year certification with the Ministry of Health and that is incredibly rewarding.’

Ann Coughlan CEO Mercy Parklands, World First Spark of Life Centre of Excellence, Auckland, New Zealand