Social Justice Advocate

Jen Newton, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Jen has a background as a registered nurse in community nursing.

As a Spark of Life Master Practitioner she is aware of the profound difference the Spark of Life Philosophy can make to the wellbeing of people with dementia.

Jen had the experience of caring for her Father, who lived with her for the last six months of his life and she is now caring for her husband’s Mother who has dementia and wants to stay home on the farm.

Jen is practicing the Spark of Life Philosophy in her volunteer work at the prison and in supporting refugees and their children.

‘The power of love connects us all,’ Jen Newton

‘Since completing the Spark of Life Master Practitioner course in May 2016, I have been applying the Spark of Life Philosophy to all I engage with – family, friends, and in my business.

In my volunteer role in the prison & a refugee women’s group, it has been invaluable in helping to create a loving space…to be there for each person and to seek to meet their needs.

I feel affirmed and empowered by all I have experienced and learned through the Spark of Life International Master Course…it is truly a way of being that can change and enrich lives.’

~ Jen Newton

If you are a leader in the refugee or justice system and are interested in implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy in either of these fields, please contact us on  info@dementiacareinterntaional.com – we would love to talk with you.

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“The turning point for me was doing the course, being able to accept mum for who she is now. I now think it doesn’t matter that she no longer knows who I am, it only matters that she knows she is loved. When I greet her, I use the Spark of Life Greeting because it starts our connection in the best possible way. Mum will then sit next to me and hold on to me because she knows I am a very special visitor. I have learnt to put my own emotions aside and be there for Mum in the here and now. From my own experience the Spark of Life Skills have enabled me to be able to cope with Mum’s situation and emotionally I could not have done that without the assistance of Spark of Life.”

Kerry Scott, Family Member Kerry Scott, whose mum has dementia, has had her relationship with her mother restored after attending the Spark of Life 3-day Practitioner Course.