Inner City Oesterbro Home Care

At Oesterbro Home Care 450 staff members provide 24 hour home care and home nursing services to 1500 citizens of whom approximately 150 have dementia.

Connie Moeller, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Connie is a Dementia Coordinator with a Diploma in Dementia and over 25 years’ experience working with people who have dementia. Connie was one of the Inaugural Master Practitioners from March 2010.

Prior to her current role, Connie was facilitating the Spark of Life Club Program in a large residential care facility in Copenhagen.

Connie is passionate about educating her team in implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy in the way they communicate when interacting with their clients. She has role modelled how to use Spark of Life Communication Techniques and way of connecting with their clients that facilitates trust and safety and enables the team to be welcomed into people’s homes when coming to provide their services.

Over the last several years, Connie has also provided community education sessions for volunteers.

Connie with some of her staff members after they had completed the 2-hour Spark of Life Introductory Course
Two Dementia Consultants at a Network Meeting being introduced to the Spark of Life Philosophy of exchanging a heart for a hug