Global Implementation

The Spark of Life International Community consists of Spark of Life Master Practitioners on five continents.

These Master Practitioners work with organisations that have chosen to implement the Spark of Life Philosophy into every aspect of their service. Their aim is to elicit the highest human potential in every member of their team and provide the best possible service to their clients. These organisations each have at least one registered Spark of Life Master Practitioner on site who is responsible for guiding their organisation on the 2-year journey to become a Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.

The following countries have organisations that are certified Spark of Life Centres of Excellence or are on the journey to qualify:

  • Africa – Kenya – Nigeria – Uganda – Zambia
  • Asia – India – Nepal – Singapore
  • Australia/Oceania – Australia – New Zealand
  • Europe – Denmark – Iceland – Kosovo
  • North America – Colorado – Illinois