Lagos & Ibadan

The Hebron Love & Care Centres – On the journey to become Spark of Life Centres of Excellence.

The Hebron Love & Care Centre is a non-government organisation with the sole aim of caring for elders consisting of six day centres and one residential care home currently under construction.

Members meet in different locations within Lagos and Ibadan. Eight volunteers provide the service to elders in Lagos and 12 volunteers in Ibadan.

Elizabeth Aina-Scott, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Elizabeth is Founder of the Hebron Love & Care Centre.

Elizabeth is focused on implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy in her day centres for people with dementia in Lagos and Ibadan and is setting up the Spark of Life Club Program in each centre.


Elizabeth educating her team in the 3-day certified Spark of Life Practitioner Course in Lagos

In her capacity as school administrator, Elizabeth is pioneering the integration of the Spark of Life Philosophy into the school curriculum as she finds the philosophy has equal relevance for all ages.

Elizabeth is known not only for being the Zonal Director of 13 main TV stations in Nigeria, but also for her active humanitarian work with older people and children.

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Hebron Love & Care Team learning about the Spark of Life Sunshine Club Program


Jane May Elder Care Centre

The Jane May Elder Care Centre is a residential facility for older persons living with various cognitive impairments and memory challenges. At the centre regular programs and activities are organised to enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of those living with dementia and depression. There are eight male and female residents with seven permanent staff and three volunteers.

Olayinka Ajomale, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Olayinka is the Executive Director for the Centre on Ageing, Development & Rights of Older Persons, Consultant Geriatric Social Worker at Jane May Elder Care Centre,  Ibadan  and until recently the Executive Secretary of the African Gerontological Society AGES based in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Heading the management team of AGES Day Centre for Senior Citizens for many years, Olayinka has now joined the management team of the Jane May Elder Care Centre, where he is focused on implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy.

Olayinka has begun educating his team members on the 3-day Certified Spark of Life Practitioner Course and hopes to start a Spark of Life Club for  residents of the centre.

Olayinka with his team in Ibadan at the end of an introductory day to the Spark of Life Philosophy
The team members from various care groups having an enjoyable & inspiring experience of Spark of Life Education.