West Bengal

Kolkata, West Bengal

The Alzheimer’s & Related Disorders Society of India, Calcutta Chapter (ARDSI) Day Centre – On the Journey to Become a Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.

This unique organisation, twice voted the Best Chapter nationally, provides care and support for people with Dementia and their families through various programs and services that range from day care, home care, carer support groups and dementia training. Over 3000 families have benefited so far from this organisation’s services that are supported by eight trained staff and four dedicated volunteers.

Clients, staff and volunteers at the ARDSI Day Centre

Nilanjana Maulik, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Nilanjana started her work for people with Dementia two decades ago. Having been trained in Dementia care and working for several years in the USA, she returned home in 1999 to start work in Kolkata, India.

Nilanjana has a triple Master’s degree and is the current National Coordinator & Secretary General of ARDSI – the Alzheimer’s & Related Disorders Society of India, Calcutta Chapter, which is the first and only specialised Dementia organisation in the state of West Bengal, India. The region of West Bengal has a population of 95 million people.

Achieving Contentment, Pure Joy and Confidence

‘Since introducing the Spark of Life Philosophy at the daycare centre in early 2018, staff have applied it in their daily moments and we have noticed the most powerful and beautiful connections established in the centre. We have also noticed an increase in tremendous outcomes for our clients as well as for our staff that includes an air of overall contentment, pure joy and confidence.

The people living with dementia have responded and engaged with staff meaningfully and their togetherness is a sparkling example of the true spirit which is in sheer contrast to the hopelessness of the everyday reality in which our clients are living. In addition, the staff’s wellbeing has improved and there have been examples of staff not having taken a single day of leave in a year. Family members also have found back their loved ones they once knew.’

It is Nilanjana’s vision to take her day centre, programs and other services on the journey to become Eastern India’s first Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.


Carers share Spark of Life Moments with their residents – ARDSI Day Centre Kolkatta

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Nilanjana gently connecting the Spark of Life Way with focused attention of unconditional love.
The Spark of Life Philosophy is embraced with authenticity in all the programs & services.

Watch Nilanjana Maulik express in her native language, Bengali & in English, her reflections about the Spark of Life Philosophy: