South Australia

Elliston – Eyre Peninsula

Elliston Hospital & the Pines Hostel, Eyre & Far North Local Health Network – On the Journey to Become a Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.

Elliston Hospital & the Pines Hostel is a small, rural hospital and aged care facility. It is unique as it covers all four areas of emergency, acute care, aged and dementia care, all under the same roof.


Anthony Ryan, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Anthony has a background in Nursing and is the
EO/DON of Elliston Hospital & Pine Hostel, Eyre & Far North Local Health Network, South Australia..

Anthony is also a driving force of the Regional Aged Care Committee and a member of the Comprehensive Care of Older People (CCOP) working group.

Trudy Wadsworth, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Trudy is a Registered Nurse and Clinical Services Co-ordinator at Elliston Hospital & Pine Hostel, Eyre & Far North Local Health Network, South Australia. It is in the care of people experiencing dementia that she has found her true passion.

Together Anthony and Trudy have embarked upon a journey with their colleagues and the people in their care to create a Spark of Life Centre of Excellence in Elliston.

Anthony and Trudy propose to enable their hospital to become a role model of the Spark of Life Philosophy that will inspire the staff working in other centres in their region to see what it is possible to achieve for people with dementia.

‘We have big plans to offer staff from other facilities a chance to see, touch, taste and feel what life can be like for all of our beautiful people with dementia. We will be inviting family members, work mates and the community to come and learn more about how to make the lives of our special friends as rich and as fulfilling as we know they can be thanks to the Spark of Life Philosophy.’

~ Trudy Wadsworth

Watch Trudy Wadsworth, Clinical Leader, Elliston Hospital, South Australia expressing what the Spark of Life Philosophy means to her:


Cummins – Eyre Peninsula

Cummins & District Memorial Hospital & Miroma Place Hostel

Cummins and District Memorial Hospital and Miroma Place Hostel in Cummins in the Eyre and Far North Local Health Network of South Australia, now have their own Master Practitioner implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy and Whole System.

Cummins and District Memorial Hospital is a small rural hospital that is part of Lower Eyre Health Services. The hospital provides all acute, outreach and aged care services to the communities of Cummins and outlying smaller communities.

Miroma Place Hostel offers aged care accommodation and services for older people with a low level of need and for people with dementia. Respite is also available.

Tania Hammond, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Tania has a Bachelor of Applied Science in nursing, a Post Graduate Diploma in Community Nursing from University of South Australia, a Post Graduate Certificate in Gerontics and is a certified Spark of Life Master Practitioner.


Tania is the Aged Care Portfolio Nurse, for the Eyre and Far North Local Health Network of South Australia. She is also a Registered Nurse and clinical leader /Hostel Manager for Lower Eyre Health Service, Cummins. Both of these roles involve the care and support of older people and their families, including people living with dementia.

Tania has a vision for implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy and Whole System within Miroma Place Hostel and the Aged Care Wing at Cummins District Memorial Hospital to enhance the lives of older people, their families, her colleagues and her community.

Tania says, ‘When we implement the Spark of Life Philosophy, we can achieve a major cultural shift, where people with dementia are given opportunities each and every day, to feel a genuine emotional connection with staff and to have their spirit lifted.’

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