Introducing Our Global Spark of Life Community

Spark of Life Master Practitioners Linking the World.

Photo taken by Sean Lee on Noongar Country in Western Australia. The hands featured are of Sailesh Mishra, India – Mina Velasco, Philippines – David Maes, Native American, USA – Zoey Chimombe, Zimbabwe, Africa – Hilary Lee, England – Terry (Koodah) Cornwall, Aboriginal Elder, Western Australia.

The Global Community consists of registered certified Spark of Life Master Practitioners in ten countries on five continents who are actively implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy in each of their organisations or services.

In this section you will find an overview of the individual organisations or services implementing the philosophy and the Spark of Life Master Practitioners who are responsible for the process.

Specific stories with details from these organisations can be found in the section on Latest Spark of Life News from Around the World and in Spark of Life in Action.