Denver, Colorado

TAAWA Healing Centre LLC On the Journey to Become a Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.

At the TAAWA Healing Centre LLC, the focus is on caring for Elders living with dementia. Taawa is the Hopi word for Sun and the Sun symbol represents the healing energy of the universe.

TAAWA is a place of balancing traditional Native Ways with Urban Native Ways to create new pathways for vibrant life giving energy.

Watch David Maes expressing in song in his native language Hopi & in words in English his reflections about the Spark of Life Philosophy & the connection with TAAWA:

David Maes, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

David Maes, is the Curandero (Spiritual Healer) of Hopi and of Apache descent. He is the Founder and Director of TAAWA Healing Centre LCC.

David has a Master’s Degree of Divinity and a Master’s Degree of Counselling.   He has worked in many different capacities and held senior management roles for over 30 years.  His special focus has been with Elders who are living with dementia.

TAAWA Healing Center, LLC & the Spark of Life Philosophy

David describes how the Native American/Indigenous Ways and the Spark of Life Philosophy may come together to support people with dementia as;

‘TAAWA Healing Center, LLC., believes in honouring all that we have learned from those who have gone before us, whose wisdom contains the light that can transform a dark road into a brightly lit Red Road.

Wisdom and light are reflected in many colours. As we continue walking the Red Road of our ancestors, the wisdom and unconditional acceptance present in the Spark of Life Philosophy is another colourful and powerful light that can help us on our path towards healing.

TAAWA is currently in dialogue with other Native American/Indigenous spiritual leaders in order to begin open dialogues within the community to discuss the many colours of wisdom and light in the healing process, especially as dementia becomes more and more prevalent in the community.

Dementia not only affects the Spirit of the person living with this continuous disabling process but begins to disable our families, our community, and our culture. As dementia starts to disable and break the Spirit of the Native American/Indigenous communities, a dialogue among spiritual leaders and other culturally competent professionals needs to begin.

The Spark of Life Philosophy encourages and supports this dialogue. It can also help facilitate a universal dialogue between ALL nations and cultures.’

The dialogue has begun in Denver Colorado and David Maes will be starting the official dialogue in the traditional manner – in a ceremony with two other leaders in the community, including Alistair Bane. They will be meeting with David to discuss going forward with TAAWA Healing Center LLC, and the Spark of Life Philosophy.

Alistair Bane is Eastern Shawnee, and has worked and advocated for the community and believes that spirituality is an integral part of healing. Alistair will also be attending this first formal gathering.

Alistair Bane

Healing the Spirit – An Invitation

TAAWA encourages all Native American/Indigenous people and communities to come together to help understand and heal their community in the midst of the many challenges that dementia presents.