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Dissolving Difficult Behaviour Handbook

$39 plus postage and handling

This inspirational 48-page handbook introduces the Spark of Life Philosophy to solving behaviours of concern. Discover how challenging behaviour is a result of unmet needs and learn a set of skills you can immediately put into practise to solve these in a meaningful and lasting way.

Age without Alzheimer’s by Dr Ruth Cilento

$55 plus postage and handling

If you have concerns about Alzheimer’s and want to learn how to preserve a healthy brain into your later years, this is an inspiring book with helpful facts, practical strategies, and steps you can take.

Learn directly from Dr Ruth Cilento, a holistic physician and knowledgeable practitioner who was deeply concerned with what is best for our health as human beings.

Dr Ruth Cilento has authored the duology: Age without Alzheimer’s with the second book including the Agewell Cookbook.

These two books are a limited edition and only available from Dementia Care International. Dr Ruth Cilento was an advocate for the Spark of Life Philosophy and had a pioneering understanding of how our emotions impact on our physiology which is an important element of her books.