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Dissolving Difficult Behaviour Handbook

$39 plus postage and handling

This inspirational 48-page handbook introduces the Spark of Life Philosophy to solving behaviours of concern. Discover how challenging behaviour is a result of unmet needs and learn a set of skills you can immediately put into practise to solve these in a meaningful and lasting way.

Limited Edition - Age Without Alzheimer's 2 Book Set

$50 plus postage and handling

Dr Ruth Cilento was a visionary pioneer of the health care world and best-selling author of Heal Cancer and the Anti-Cancer Cookbook.

Age without Alzheimer’s, is a limited edition set of 2 books  that offer a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom from an incredibly talented and knowledgeable physician.

Book One defines and explains the ageing process and explores where we are, who we are, and our psychological needs.

Book Two (which also contains The Agewell Cookbook) explains our different body systems from a nutritional perspective. This  enables you to evaluate your own present health with a view to selecting one of the Agewell Cookbook plans that is best suited to you.