Master Leadership Program

The Spark of Life Master Leadership Program is an assessed program that certifies participants to become Spark of Life Master Practitioners who can implement the Spark of Life Philosophy and Culture Enrichment Program in their organisation.

This 3-week intensive program is held in the picturesque Swan Valley at the Novotel Vines and golf Resort, Perth, Western Australia.

Spark of Life Education embraces humanistic, enlightened practices that enhance performance and communication in a profound way. The Spark of Life Philosophy enriches the organisational culture of the human services, which results in a team that is empowered and appreciated facilitating:

  • A compassionate and inclusive culture
  • A desire to work beyond boundaries
  • A focus on the positive and solutions

Certified and registered Spark of Life Master Practitioners are the only people equipped to implement and embed this culture throughout an organisation or service. The Master Practitioner guide the journey of the organisation to become a Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.

A Spark of Life Master Practitioner has undertaken the three-week intensive Spark of Life Master Leadership Program held in Perth, Western Australia.