Spark of Life Centres of Excellence

A Spark of Life Centre of Excellence is a place where the spirit is ignited in all who live and work there and in all who visit. The focus is on the positive, welcoming diversity, and building on each person’s unique abilities and strengths. These centres are run by visionary leaders committed to the success of involving everyone in the Spark of Life Philosophy.

Becoming a Spark of Life Centre of Excellence is a 2-year strategic implementation process with a commitment to go beyond the minimum standards for meeting the emotional needs of all individuals in their care.

A Centre of Excellence has at least one in-house Registered Master Practitioner per individual facility or service who is responsible for all Spark of Life Education and implementation working closely with the leadership team. This positive, healthy and life-giving culture is sustained through an active Torchbearer Program.

Torchbearers come from various backgrounds and are chosen from diverse areas of the organisation. Their role is to be a catalyst for the Spark of Life Culture to be infused into all parts of the organisation.

Every person – with or without dementia – living in a Centre of Excellence has the opportunity to be part of a Spark of Life Club, which provides an ideal environment for each person to have their dormant abilities unlocked and their potential brought forth.

Spark of Life Culture Enrichment evolves as a natural result of ongoing profound education, which is provided by the Master Practitioner.