Spark of Life Master Practitioners

A Certified Spark of Life Master Practitioner is a senior leader who has successfully completed the 3-Week  Spark of Life International Master Course and is the only person certified and registered to implement the Spark of Life Culture Enrichment Program.

The Master Practitioner is equipped with the skills, knowledge and everything they need to take their facility or service to the level of being a certified Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.

On return, the Master Practitioner becomes the pivot point for ongoing education and implementation of the Spark of Life Philosophy reaching all areas of the facility/service through the Culture Enrichment Program.

A Certified Spark of Life Master Practitioner Can:

  • Immediately present an inspiring introduction to all staff, volunteers and families on the Spark of Life Philosophy.
  • Educate in the 3-day Spark of Life Certified Practitioner Course on The Key to Spark of Life, Restoring Dormant Language and Dissolving Challenging Behaviours.
  • Provide life-enriching education for families and the community.
  • Set up and run the Torchbearer Program that ensures the ‘Spark’ is kept alight and the culture is embedded within the organisation.
  • Facilitate the education and implementation of the Spark of Life Club Program, specifically developed for people with dementia yet also adaptable to people who do not have dementia.
  • Bring the Spark of Life Philosophy into care planning.
  • Utilise the specifically designed assessment and evaluation package to track and measure improvement and rehabilitation.

Ongoing Support

After successfully completing the Master Course, the Master Practitioner is supported through bi-monthly professional development teleconferences that are toll-free and recorded. These teleconferences are for all registered Master Practitioners and are facilitated by Jane Verity and Hilary Lee, the two Spark of Life Leaders.