Results from Spark of Life Leaders

The following collective of articles are part of opening up for a new future of what can be possible to achieve in the care of people with dementia.

Told by Spark of Life Master Practitioners from around the world, these are all real experiences of the Spark of Life Philosophy in action and their inspiring results.

Mischeal McCormick –Adriel House & Rest Home, New Zealand >> Spark of Life Philosophy and Model of Care Creating an Exceptional Culture and Care Delivery


Anderson Simfukwe – Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias in Zambia (ADDIZ)  >> Older Persons versus Witchcraft vis-a-vis Dementia Under the Spark of Life Philosophy


Clara D’Souza – Adhata Trust, Mumbai, India >> From Disability to Ability



Trudy Wadsworth – Master Practitioner and acting EO/Don at Elliston Hospital and Pines Hostel, Elliston South Australia >> A Second Chance


Jen Newton – Retired Registered Nurse, Family Carer, Prison & Support Volunteer for Refugees, Tasmania, Australia >>  The Spark of Life Philosophy – A Way of Life


Nang Soe Mon Oo – Ren Ci Hospital, Singapore>>  From Impossible to Possible


Richard Semanda – Geriatric Respite Care Foundation, Uganda, Africa>>  A Ugandan Perspective of the Value of the Spark of Life Philosophy


Jesca Nakibirango  – Dyslexic Organisation & Munyonyo Learning Centre, Uganda, Africa>Spark of Life Philosophy Bringing out the Potential in Children with Neurological Disorders


Leigh McLeod – Ranui Home, New Zealand >>  Reducing the Use of Antipsychotics and other Remarkable Results



Elizabeth Aina-Scott – Hebron Love & Care Centre, Nigeria, Africa>>  Spark of Life Philosophy Really Works



Nur Sahara Binte Kamsani – Ren Ci Nursing Home, Singapore>>  Spark of Life Club Program – Endless possibilities


Tania Hammond – Cummins & District Hospital, S.A, Australia >>  Two Lives Restored



Anderson Simfukwe – Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias in Zambia (ADDIZ)  >>  Daviness’s Story



Nilanjana Maulik – ARDSI Day Centre, West Bengal, India>>  Restoring Purpose in Life



Hrefna Brynja – Akureyri, Iceland>>  Spark of Life in Iceland