Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program

The Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program is an interactive, therapeutic group intervention designed to boost the self-esteem, build confidence and lift the spirit in people with dementia. The program aims to address the social, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of people with dementia.

It is designed for people with all levels of dementia and is versatile in that it can be implemented with those who are bedridden and experiencing severe levels of dementia as well as being adapted to suit frail older people.

By creating a safe, emotional environment and using Spark of Life Techniques, facilitators are able to elicit dormant language and other abilities. The program facilitates the highest level of spontaneous creative expression in each participant. It draws on group psychology to enable friendships and social confidence to be strengthened.

Important results from the Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program show that people with dementia can experience improvements in memory and language. They also feel joy and a renewed zest for life resulting in stronger relationships with each other and their families. The results last well beyond the time spent in the club with members wanting to engage socially with each other outside the program.

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Watch the Rehabilitation Program in action. You are going to see footage of Ces who had not spoken for over 12 months and in one one-hour session comes out of his shell and begins to speak again. You are also going to see Bonna whose improvement occurred over 4 sessions.

Click here to read more about our 4 Day Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program Course >>

A Real-Life Experience Implementing the Rehabilitative Program

‘Implementing the Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program, allowed me to experience with my own heart, eyes and mind Spark of Life in action. It is one thing to hear and read about Spark of Life, but another to actually fully experience it.

I learned a great deal about how to set up the environment to provide for the most successful Sunshine Rehabilitative Program for all and I learned how each ritual made the residents come to life. The expectation of the rituals and the Spark of Life Lead by Following Method came so naturally for the residents.

I loved how the residents shined their own light when their self-esteem was boosted. They naturally chose opportunities to care and it was amazing to see how everything happened just as we were taught it could.’

Karen Leimberer, Spark of Life Master Practitioner. Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dr Jenny Brockis interviews Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life President Hilary Lee about the Spark of Life Philosophy: