Spark of Life Educational Programs

Spark of Life Educational programs are both attitude and practice shifting. They are provided in easy to understand language with no technical jargon so the information reaches everybody at all levels.

The education is based on the Spark of Life Philosophy to reignite the spark of life in people with dementia, facilitate rehabilitation and prevent behaviours of concern.

Spark of Life Rehabilitative Club Program

$1650 plus postage and handling

The Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program is an interactive, therapeutic program that facilitates rehabilitation, builds confidence and enhances the emotional health of people with dementia.

This educational program includes:

•  A comprehensive step by step guide for implementation. This guide has been designed to be inspiring and engaging for the reader. It is user-friendly with clear simple language and colour coded sections.

•  Six educational DVD’s with documentary footage covering the following topics:
1. Introduction
2. Becoming a Magic Facilitator
3. Creating a Brilliant Program
4. Getting Started
5. Engaging Meaningful Rituals
6. Implementing Theme Activities

•  Six Theme Activity cards.

Dissolving Difficult Behaviour

$875 plus postage and handling

Have you ever experienced a person with dementia calling out for help or shouting at you for no apparent reason? Perhaps you have been subject to aggressive behaviour or accused of stealing from a resident.

Dissolving Challenging Behaviour is a six module program enablingparticipants to learn how to identify the unmet needs behind behaviours of concern and how to meet these specific needs in a meaningful and lasting way.

The precise abilities learnt during the education can be implemented straight away with instant results. Because each person can experience that these strategies genuinely work, they feel confident in applying the new skill-sets in practice.

Featuring the Founder of the Spark of Life Philosophy, Jane Verity, the program explores how communication and relationships can be positivelytransformed to prevent and solve behaviours of concern, thus preventing the use of psychotropic medications.

The program features six 30 minute DVD modules for in-service education.

In addition, the accompanying handbook, How to Dissolve Difficult Behaviour has clear and easy guidance to understand and facilitate solutions to common challenges.