Spark of Life Membership

Information on Spark of Life Membership

Spark of Life Membership is specifically designed for family carers and health professionals. It provides practical articles to facilitate the best possible social and emotional support for people with dementia and their carers.

The articles are designed to enable profound understanding of the experience of dementia and thus facilitate compassionate care as well as having tangible and specific strategies to cope.

This library contains original Spark of Life Articles that are written in easy to read language so that they can be helpful in the everyday care of people with dementia.

To read about the benefits for people with dementia, family cares and health professionals please follow this link.

The Membership Offers:

  • Full access to library
  • Plus the additional benefit of a weekly Spark of Life Tip to provide both support and inspiration at the beginning of each week.

Different Aspects and Topics:

The Library is set to cover different aspects and topics. Here is an example of just a few.

  • Understanding and Communication
  • Meaningful Activities
  • Guidance to improve memory
  • Meeting the emotional needs of the person with dementia and their families.

Membership fee:

Yearly membership fee $104 ($2 per week)

How to Join: