The Spark of Life Philosophy

Spark of Life Philosophy is a way of being with the highest intent to lift the spirit, awaken dormant abilities and heal relationships. The focus is on How to connect, How to communicate and How to care. The aim is to foster kindness, compassion, empathy, respect and an attitude of unconditional love.

It is a philosophy because it is about mindset and attitude – and the RIGHT mindset and attitude which are the keys to quality care.

The philosophy is about redefining what it means to have dementia, opening up new possibilities for improvement. It is also about revitalising the culture of care, enriching the quality of life for people with dementia and giving joy and renewed energy to carers.

Watch rehabilitation in action – the Spark of Life Philosophy as implemented by trained facilitators.

The Spark of Life Philosophy is implemented as the Spark of Life
Whole System.
This system is facilitated by a certified, registered  Spark of Life Master Practitioner who has undertaken the Spark of Life International Master Leadership Program.

The philosophy elicits the best in people who may have been given up on by society. It is now successfully implemented in many diverse cultures and is also being embraced in fields such as as in palliative care, mental health, trauma recovery, children with neurological disorders, education, with people who are socially disadvantaged and in aged and dementia design.

Originally developed in the field of dementia care, the Spark of Life Philosophy is being practiced on five continents. Elders from indigenous cultures around the world have also embraced the philosophy to support their native people with dementia and their families.

The widespread implementation of the Spark of Life Philosophy highlights its universal application within diverse cultures and shows how in essence, as human beings, we all have the same needs.

Watch an interview with Hilary Lee, President of Dementia Care International, with Dr Jenny Brockis on the TV show: The Couch, in which Hilary explains about the Spark of Life Philosophy: