Spark of Life Education

Spark of Life Education has been developed by Dementia Care International who works together with individual organisations to elevate the global standards of emotional health care.

Spark of Life Education is perception and practice shifting. Because of its practical and down to earth nature, it is genuinely relevant to leaders, health care professionals and care staff.

Through accelerated learning, the education becomes transformative. It elevates a range of emotional health care competencies – all essential for delivery of quality dementia care.

At Dementia Care International all our educational services have been cross-referenced with the new Aged Care Quality Standards.

The Spark of Life Education is uniquely placed to address all criteria related to solving challenging behaviours and preventing the need for psychotropic restraint.

Presentation Options
We are delighted to introduce a new development in the suite of Dementia Care International’s education services now available face to face via Zoom.

The Spark of Life Zoom Experience:

  • Enables participants to engage with increased focus, allowing for deep comprehension of the content.
  • Gives opportunity to learn and develop new skills from the comfort of one’s own home.
  • Saves costs on airfares, travel time and accommodation.

Course Options

Spark of Life Education provides practical strategies for the most effective way to connect and communicate, facilitate rehabilitation and prevent and dissolve behaviours of concern.

The following course options are available:

If you are a leader of an aged care service who wishes to bring this life changing education to your team we invite you to contact us. Email or call +61 (03) 9727 2744 (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm AEST)