Spark of Life Short Courses

Kerikeri, New Zealand

Join us on Thursday 11th October 2018 for the 1-Day ‘How to Ignite the Spark of Life – a Day on Culture Enrichment’

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More About our 1-Day Seminars:

How to Ignite the Spark of Life – a Day on Culture Enrichment

This new 1-day signature presentation brings a unique opportunity to experience the best of the internationally awarded Spark of Life Philosophy that enriches emotional care – the essence of person centred care.

This experiential education provides the skills to ignite the Spark of Life within the residents, clients and patients and each other in a team. It also provides practical strategies for the best possible way to connect and communicate, facilitate rementia and prevent and dissolve challenging behaviours.

In One Day Participants:

  • Gain a deep insight into the profound Spark of Life Mindset and & Attitude – the catalysts for facilitating rementia.
  • Learn how challenging behaviours can be dissolved in a compassionate & lasting way.
  • Learn & experience how to practise the essential Spark of Life Listening Skill.
  • Gain 3 specific Spark of Life Communication Skills for how to connect meaningfully with people who have dementia.
  • Experience the benefit of learning how to express Spark of Life Descriptive Appreciation.

This innovative one-day seminar can be provided in a community or facility setting.

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