World Class Zoom Experience

“Out of adversity comes opportunity”
– Benjamin Franklin

Franklin’s quote sums up how Dementia Care International used the adverse effects of the global Covid lockdowns for a milestone development of its renowned Spark of Life Education from face-to-face delivery to now being provided exclusively via Zoom.

“We set the bar high and aimed at developing an exceptional, compelling and world class zoom experience for every participant anywhere in the world. We wanted to create a learning environment via the internet that would at the same time be inspiring, energising and captivating, making it easy to focus and concentrate.”
Jane Verity, Founder and CEO Dementia Care International, said.

Over the last 12 months Dementia Care International has developed, field tested and fine-tuned the Zoom delivery to be applicable from small groups of individual participants to large auditoriums with incredible reviews.

“We have mastered keeping everyone’s attention for the entire education from half-day sessions to our 17 full-day programs which is something that up until now had not been thought possible”, Jane Verity said.

The Zoom based Spark of Life Education has now moved to the next stage where it is being provided in time zones conducive to different parts of the world. As such the 3-week Spark of Life Master Leadership Program and the 4-day certified Spark of Life Rehabilitative Program has already been provided for the Scandinavian, European and African time zones.