Spark of Life Whole System

The Spark of Life Whole System is a structured quality model to implement the Spark of Life Philosophy with the focus on sustainable culture enrichment and excellence in emotional care. The model is simple and cost effective.

The program was internationally awarded in 2009 by IAHSA representing 30 countries.

The Spark of Life Whole System includes a strategy and guide to implementation, a multilayered education program and has an inbuilt evaluation process. This process enables all aspects of the Whole System to be documented and measured for continuous improvement and advancement of competencies in emotional care. All parts of the Spark of Life Whole System are original and authentic material developed by Dementia Care International.

The Spark of Life Whole System blends seamlessly into the delivery of care services in diverse areas of provision such as in aged care homes, day centres, hospitals, and community care.

The method of application simply requires that one or two leaders from a service or organization attend the 3-week Spark of Life Master Leadership Program to become certified to deliver the Whole System in practice. In addition, a Master Practitioner can guide the process of the service or facility to become certified as a Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.

The Spark of Life Whole System can be successfully applied with people of any age and in any culture. It has proven successful in diverse areas of application such as palliative care, mental health, trauma recovery, children with neurological disorders, education and with people who are socially disadvantaged.

Benefits of Implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy & Whole System

The benefits of implementing the Spark of Life Whole System flow through the entire organisation or service and can be positively experienced at all levels:

For the Organisation or Service

Investing in, and implementing the Spark of Life Whole System has a multitude of benefits at an organisational level and will stand the organisation or service in good stead in regard to audits and accreditation.

For example:

  • Having constructive and humanising language that is advantageous at a policy level and in care planning.
  • Experiencing enhanced resident, staff and family satisfaction.
  • Systematically facilitating the prevention and reduction of challenging behaviours.
  • Having the innovative tools for identifying measurable improvement in people with dementia.
  • Confidently addressing quality of care human resource issues.
  • Becoming an International Spark of Life Centre of Excellence.

For Staff

The Spark of Life multilayered and transformative education gives staff:

  • A profound understanding of the importance of the quality of HOW they connect, HOW they communicate and HOW they care.
  • The specific skills to enable rementia and therefore the joyful experience of facilitating positive improvement.
  • A desire to be caring about each other and work together from a place of empathy and kindness – a key to preventing elder abuse.
  • The skills to identify unmet needs behind challenging behaviours and ways to dissolve and prevent these behaviours in a compassionate and long-lasting way – a key to diminishing the need for anti-psychotics.
  • Enhanced personal job satisfaction – a key to reducing absenteeism and staff turnover.

For People with Dementia

People with dementia are seen in their full wholeness, their abilities are strengthened, and they can experience rehabilitation and rementia. Their everyday world is governed by kindness and compassion from those around them. They have valued roles and can live fulfilled lives with meaning and purpose.