“Spark of Life has been and always will be the pure light that has given me hope that there is life in all that crosses its path.

It has empowered me to keep striving in the work that I do – to empower and see the beauty that lies within us all.

Spark of Life is the giver of life.”

Jerome Cornwall Noongar Aboriginal Man and Spark of Life Master Practitioner, Western Australia

“Meaningful connections are made when we speak the language of emotion. This is what Spark of Life does”

Terry (Koodah) Cornwall Aboriginal Elder and Spark of Life Master Practitioner, Western Australia

“The Spark of Life Philosophy causes a fountain of unconditional love so that one has the enthusiasm to cater for people with different neurological disorders.

Spark of Life Philosophy does not only provide care to people with dementia but cuts across and benefit learners with Special Needs Education which I have seen working very well.”

Jesca Nakibirango Founder and Executive Director of Rise and Shine Dyslexic Organisation and Director of the Munyonyo Learning Centre, a pioneering school in Kampala, Uganda for children with neurological disorders and Spark of Life Master Practitioner

“Thank you for your excellent presentations which I enjoyed tremendously at the Alzheimer’s Disease International conference in Singapore (2009). I was very proud to see a young West Australian having such impact on the Global Alzheimer Community through your most inspirational work.”

Professor Ralph Martin International Alzheimer’s Expert, 2010 West Australian of the Year

“The first time I heard you (Jane) in 2009 at our Asia Forum on Ageing, I immediately felt I could connect with the philosophy. Even though your teaching sounded intuitive, the way you arrange, sort and emphasize key concepts and techniques using Neuro Linguistic Programming and family therapy makes the philosophy come alive and really delivers on the ‘how’ in the application of person-centred care”

Dr Ng Wai Chong Medical Director of Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing, Singapore

“Congratulations on the IAHSA Award. Magic, transformation and connection is what you do and what you bring.”

Dr Peter Spitzer Co-Founder and Medical Director of the Humour Foundation and the Australian Clown Doctor program

“Spark of Life has given me another chance in life to create a new future and start new memories – I have learnt what unconditional love feels like”

Terry (Koodah) Cornwall Aboriginal Elder and Spark of Life Master Practitioner, Western Australia

“The Spark of Life – is life! It is the light in the eyes of every baby born on the planet. It lights up the lives of others, and provides the light for all human beings to see and be seen in their full wholeness and humanity. The symptoms of dementia may appear to cause the spark to flicker, but the spark is still there. All it takes to brighten itself is others who believe in us and show patience, love, and support.”

Professor Richard Taylor an internationally recognised and respected presenter who had dementia, attended a Spark of Life presentation at the international Alzheimer’s Association Conference in Singapore in 2009 and made the following statement about Spark of Life

“What a beautiful philosophy Spark of Life is!

Through the Spark of Life Education across the organisation I have seen staffs knowledge, skills, understanding and awareness develop and grow.

I have seen the wonderful group of Torchbearers committed to nurturing our residents and each other growing that compassionate, enriching culture.

And of course the Spark of Life Clubs for our residents where the focus is on the social and emotional wellbeing of the members where dormant abilities are brought to life and where we share such special times together.

For me the Spark of Life at Mercy Parklands means staff working together for the good of everybody in a supportive environment and seeing a sparkle in everyone’s eyes.”

Helen Delmonte Master Practitioner, World first Spark of Life Centre of Excellence Mercy Parklands, Auckland, New Zealand

“What stands out to me as the core of the Master Course is the personal attention to each participant, the encouragement to speak by invitation, the detailed handbook, the relevant heartfelt stories, the videos and the powerful presentations by Jane and Hilary. These are the factors that differentiate this course from many other courses and makes it a totally unique course in the world, enabling each of us to be good humans.”

Sailesh Mishra Sailesh Mishra is a Social Entrepreneur and is known in India for his social justice work for the welfare of Senior Citizens and people with dementia. Sailesh is also a Spark of Life Master Practitoiner

“These 3 weeks have been inspiring, nourishing, enriching and life changing. I have been given a tremendous pathway to walk upon to bring genuine organisational enrichment and growth to my facility, which will enable rehabilitation and rementia (recovery of lost abilities).”

Rose Blair Care Manager, RN, Spark of Life Master Practitioner, Strathallan Lifecare Retirement Village, Timaru, New Zealand

“The Spark of Life 3 Core Principles enables one to understand in your heart where the other person is coming from and how to bring out the best in that person. This new way of working has huge potential to positively change clinical practice, especially for people living with dementia.”

Richard Semanda Founder of the Geriatric Respite Care Foundation Uganda and Spark of Life Master Practitioner

“Spark of Life provides an philosophy that is so respectful of every individual and so empowering for the person with dementia. By looking beyond the ‘challenging behaviour’ and having confidence in the person’s potential, we are able to see the real beauty of the person underneath and treat them with the respect that they deserve.”

Caragh Anderson Occupational Therapist and Master Practitioner, Australia

“We have Obtained a second Continuous Improvement (a New Zealand standard that represents exceptional outcomes) for using the Spark of Life Philosophy and being able to evidence a reduction in challenging behaviour and depression.”

Mischeal McCormick Owner Adriel Resthome and Adriel Home, Amberley New Zealand

“We have seen a tremendous improvement in the quality of care on an individual basis along with a decrease in behavioural incidences and in falls. We have had very good outcomes in relationship to accreditation and certification and continue to achieve a third four year certification with the Ministry of Health and that is incredibly rewarding.”

Ann Coughlan CEO Mercy Parklands, World First Spark of Life Centre of Excellence, Auckland, New Zealand

“The turning point for me was doing the course, being able to accept mum for who she is now. I now think it doesn’t matter that she no longer knows who I am, it only matters that she knows she is loved. When I greet her, I use the Spark of Life Greeting because it starts our connection in the best possible way. Mum will then sit next to me and hold on to me because she knows I am a very special visitor. I have learnt to put my own emotions aside and be there for Mum in the here and now. From my own experience the Spark of Life Skills have enabled me to be able to cope with Mum’s situation and emotionally I could not have done that without the assistance of Spark of Life.”

Kerry Scott, Family Member Kerry Scott, whose mum has dementia, has had her relationship with her mother restored after attending the Spark of Life 3-day Practitioner Course.

“Spark of Life is a very heartfelt and honest philosophy to understanding people and has proven some amazing results when people are drawn out of their shells and shown to interact in ways that many people had thought were long gone.”

Dr Al Power Author of Dementia Beyond Drugs, USA

“We have had lots of positive feedback from staff members, family members and from visiting GPs, who all know that the Sunshine Club makes a difference, that the Spark of Life Philosophy is something that is absolutely amazing.”

Julie Knott Spark of Life Club Facilitator, Mercy Parklands, Auckland, New Zealand

“The outcomes for each resident participant in the Spark of Life Club Program were amazing. We saw dynamic decreases in falls and disruptive and challenging behaviours. We saw complete engagement and restoration of dormant language skills. We saw Re-mentia in action!

The biggest success was a statement by a Club Member herself: When I go to bed at night, I think about the club and then I have good dreams when I think of all my friends here.

Karen Leimberer Karen Leimberer, Spark of Life Master Practitioner, Chicago, Illinois, USA

“From day one I have been out implementing everything I have learnt and I noticed immediate and encouraging responses and it has brought me closer to all my colleagues that I work with.

It’s just phenomenal, there is no other word. It ignites a fire and a magic inside your soul to reach for new goals and to help the people we are here to look after and to care for and to encourage them to find new things within themselves.

I finally feel I can give the nursing and the care that has been locked up inside of me.”

Jaci Newman Jaci Newman, Registered Nurse, Perth Western Australia

“It is so refreshing to hear someone talk about unconditional love. Sometimes the person gets lost…we actually disempower ourselves when we concentrate so much on the technology that we forget the personal interaction can be so empowering and so healing for each person.”

Gillian Gates Physiotherapist, Australia

“Spark of Life was unanimously chosen because of its… optimistic whole systems approach towards rementia and dementia rehabilitation.”

Christa M. Merzeder (Formerly Christa Monkhouse) IAHSA Jury Member 2009, Switzerland

“Spark of Life is a structured and conscious way of expressing and practicing unconditional love and compassion to fellow human beings. Without a structure the words unconditional love can be interpreted differently by different people. Having a process helps with conscious practise.”

Sairam Azad Assistant Director, AWWA ltd Health and Senior Care, Spark of Life Master Practitioner, Singapore

“It has been an amazing experience to be a Torchbearer. It has improved my way of communicating and addressing challenging circumstances I might encounter with our residents, staff and also in my personal life. Listening to the positive feedback from residents families makes me so proud to be a Torchbearer and be part of this tremendous change in our facility.”

Jeffrey Bulangit Registered Nurse and Team Leader, Mercy Parklands, World First Spark of Life Centre of Excellence, Auckland, New Zealand.

“I believe we all have the same spark; the same life; the same human needs – even though we live with a cognitive disorder. Show us your spark and believe in our spark. The Spark of Life Philosophy can and should be a part of every carer’s life, everyone who is living with dementia, and indeed everyone on the planet.”

Dr Richard Taylor USA who had Alzheimer’s Disease and was a founding member of Dementia Alliance International – an advocacy group by and for people who live with dementia.

“Spark of Life is a most cutting-edge, practical and unique methodology of a healing philosophy that is universal and possibly older than modern medicine.”

Dr Ng Wai Chong Medical Director of Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing, Singapore