The Art of Dementia Care

The Art of Dementia Care is a practical guide intended for all who provide support, encouragement and care for people with dementia. Using a relationship model of care, you will learn how you can make a positive difference in the lives of those with dementia. Discussion and examples will challenge you to reflect on your attitude and behavior towards people with dementia and teach you to provide thoughtful care to each person in your care. The authors draw upon examples from common clinical situations to highlight how to practice the art of dementia care through the recognition of the limits of people with dementia and the promotion of their strengths and abilities. Ultimately, the quality of the care you provide can greatly affect the quality of life the person with dementia will experience. The Art of Dementia Care will set you on the path to thoughtful and meaningful care.

Editorial Review:

Maribeth Gallagher, MS, RN Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Hospice of the Valley Dementia Program Director
The Art of Dementia Care speaks not only to the mind, but to the heart and soul of its readers. It inspires and empowers caregivers by illuminating the limitless possibilities that truly exist when we choose the relationship model of care. Kuhn and Verity clearly illustrate how everyday challenges in caregiving can evolve into opportunities that celebrate residual abilities, and honor and uphold the dignity of persons with dementia. Through simple, practical and thoughtful examples, the Art of Dementia Care awakens its readers to the powerful realization that you hold the key to the quality of someone else’s life. Imagine a world where we all shared this conviction.

Customer Reviews:

This book helped me save Dad’s death

My father was 88 with dementia, and I cared for him at the end of his life. This book was a godsend. It was the first and best explanation of dementia I had when my world was filled with strange doctors, social workers, and nursing home staff. I bought copies for my mother and siblings. Reading and re-reading his book was like having a loving guide to explain how my father saw the world and his possibilities. I was able to relate to him in a far more rational and caring way than I would have without this book. This book helped me save my father’s death, so at the end Dad felt loved, understood, and not so alone.

This is an excellent book to help understand how to care for someone …

M. Heffering, Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2016
This is an excellent book to help understand how to care for someone with dementia. I highly recommend it. It is eye-opening and invaluable for helping and interacting with someone who has dementia. And it will allow the caregivers/family members to have a far more enriched relationship with the dementia sufferer. I strongly believe that this helps me and my sisters improve the quality of our father’s life.