Video Testimonials

Dr Al Power, MD & Author of Dementia Beyond Drugs, USA, endorsing the Spark of Life Philosophy as it builds on the strengths of each person with dementia.

Dr Jenny Brockis interviews Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life President Hilary Lee about the Spark of Life Philosophy.

The Leadership Team at Maurice Zeffert Home, Perth, Western Australia describe the profound benefits of Spark of Life Education.

Gillian Gates, Physiotherapist, sharing her perspective on the Spark of Life Philosophy bringing love back into care.

Del tells her moving story of how the Spark of Life Philosophy not only transformed her husband Ces’s experience but also her and her family’s journey.

Click to watch how the Spark of Life was re-ignited in Ces

Claire Hoole shares the positive impact a Spark of Life Community Presentation had on her and her family when she had almost given up hope.

Sally Harding explains how a one-day presentation on the Spark of Life Philosophy gave her renewed hope in life and skills she could use straight away to support her mother with dementia.