AWWA Dementia Day Care Centre

Yu Qinghui, Keith Lee & Sairam Azad at the AWWA Dementia Day Care Centre, Ang Mo Ko, Singapore

The AWWA Dementia Day Care Centre is unique in Singapore as it has been renovated to reflect the Spark of Life Philosophy and incorporates two purposely designed areas for the Spark of Life Sunshine Clubs, providing the ideal environment to bring out the potential in people with dementia. The decision to provide two club rooms is a credit to the commitment and support of the management team as space is prime in Singapore.

At the Day Centre, there are 12 dedicated staff members, seven who are Spark of Life Club Facilitators, and three committed volunteers who support 78 clients over each week.

The two purposely designed Spark of Life Sunshine Club Rooms

Sairam Azad, Spark of Life Master Practitioner 

Originally from India, now living in Singapore, Sairam’s first career was in the Border Security Force in India. He then had a complete career change and now devotes his life to enriching the lives of seniors in Singapore.

Sairam holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Post-Graduate Diploma in Developmental Rehabilitation and a MBA in Healthcare Management.

Sairam is the Assistant Director of (AWWA) Health & Senior Care, Singapore and also manages the operations of many eldercare programmes run by AWWA Health & Senior Care.

Yu Qinghui, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Qinghui is Centre Manager for the AWWA Dementia Day Care Centre that provides meaningful engagement for persons with dementia and also respite for families of people with dementia.

Qinghui has a background in Social Work and a Masters of Gerontology at Singapore University of Social Sciences.


Qinghui & the inaugural Spark of Life Certified Practitioner Graduates.

Together Qinghui and Sairam are using the Spark of Life Philosophy as a structured and conscious way of expressing and practicing unconditional love and compassion to their fellow team members and Day Care Guests. At the same time, they are naturally bringing Singapore culture into the application of Spark of Life.