Spark of Life Torchbearer Program

The Torchbearer Program is an integral part of the Spark of Life Culture Enrichment Program and is facilitated by the Master Practitioner. It is a program for selected staff members to keep the ‘Spark’ alight in their facility/organisation or service. The program enables these staff members to grow the culture in their organisation through focusing on creative ways to support their colleagues and amplify the positive.

The program provides a unique process that bridges professional boundaries and brings people from all areas of an organisation together for a common purpose.

Torchbearers come from various backgrounds and are chosen from diverse areas of the organisation. Their role is to be a catalyst for the Spark of Life Culture to be infused into all parts of the organisation.

A Spark of Life Solution Circle in a facility in Faeroe Islands. A solution circle is a technique used by Torchbearers.