Creative Thinking Solves Toilet Challenge! (Community story)

Community Story

By Blue Care Qld © Dementia Care International

A care worker from Blue Care, Queensland shares this fabulous and very creative solution to a vexing problem.

An elderly gentleman was placed in aged care because he had dementia. He was an old bushy who rarely ever visited a town or city; so when he came to live in his new surroundings he had absolutely no idea about modern toilets. This became a real challenge for team members because he would use everything but the toilet.

Then someone had a bright idea and suggested, ‘Let’s look at what he has been used to!’ From this came the idea to disguise his toilet as an old, outside “dunny”. The entrance to his toilet was disguised to look like that of an aged outhouse and a thunderbox was built around the toilet.

Did it work? YES! The team has not had a problem since. It certainly pays to think outside the square.

Let’s look at what he has been used to?’ What a great question! Perhaps we could all incorporate this question into the systems we use to find constructive solutions to challenging behaviours?