Opportunity to Care (Community story)

Community story

By Spark of Life Team © dementiacareinternational

This heart warming experience from Glenda is a powerful reminder for all of us that people with dementia blossom and their self-esteem is boosted when they feel needed and useful and still have opportunities to care and show their love.

I was doing aromatherapy hand massages with the residents at the nursing home where I work (High Level Care) as the Lifestyle Coordinator. One particular resident – who is known for grumpiness and abrupt behaviour – was enjoying this very much.

As I was massaging her hands and chatting away, she said, ‘Who does your hands?’

‘No-one, I have to do them myself,’ I replied.

She looked thoughtful, so I took a chance and asked, ‘Would you like to massage my hands?’

‘Yes,’ she responded, surprisingly.

Her hands were shaky due to her Parkinson’s, but she continued to stroke my hands for quite some time and then she said, ‘I wish this chair didn’t shake so much!’

No need to say, she is now my favourite resident. I felt very honoured and, to this day, no one else has had their hands massaged by her! Every one else still finds her grumpy and stern, but she always has a smile for me! I think this is what keeps me doing this job.