Board of Directors of the Aged Care Service Centre, Uganda

The Board of Directors of the Aged Care and Service Centre wishes to express their gratitude to the Board of Trustees of the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life on their support to Anderson Simfukwe, Executive Director and Founder Aged Care and Service Centre and Mary Mutambo, Volunteer Registered Nurse to attend the Spark of Life International Master Practitioners Course in Perth WA.

As a Board, we are indeed grateful for your support that you have and continue to render to Aged Care and Service Centre in an effort to enable the Centre to implement and embrace the Spark of Life Philosophy. The Philosophy will undoubtedly culminate into igniting the spirit in the older people under our care. This Philosophy has received huge recommendations as was evidenced in our meeting with the District Commissioner who was really impressed with the Philosophy and pledged to offer total support to our Spark of Life implementation in the district.

There was dearth of information on dementia; however, with the 3- week intensive Spark of Life International Leadership Program, the Centre is poised for positive change and a massive overhaul of the work culture among the staff and volunteers as we apply the practical principles learned. The Spark of Life Philosophy takes a holistic approach and looks at challenges as opportunities, and indeed this approach will actually work well for us at the centre as there are minimal cost implications in the implementation of the Spark of Life Philosophy.

From what our staff who attended the Spark of life International Master Practitioner Course in Perth, WA, have shared, we can comfortably say that the program is the best and is highly recommended for implementation at our centre. We too pledge to extend our support to Mr. Simfukwe and Ms. Mutambo in their endeavors as they engage all the staff and volunteers at centre on the Spark of Life Journey.

Majory Lupupa – Board Chair & Anderson Simfukwe – Executive Director