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The Inside Story Design Concepts

The Inside Story Design Concepts specialises in designing for lifestyle retirement, health & aged care, delivering creative and comprehensive interior design solutions. The focus is on designing caring and inclusive communities.

Kathleen Bowen, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Kathleen is the CEO and Principal Designer of The Inside Story Design Concepts and is the only Designer to graduate as a Spark of Life Master Practitioner.

Kathleen holds a Bachelor of Interior Design Hons1, University of Technology, Sydney, NSW.


‘As the CEO and Principal Designer of The Inside Story Design Concepts, I have implemented Spark of Life in my holistic approach to aged care and dementia design.

The Spark of Life International Master Course has reinforced my desire to design for dementia care in a way that not only empowers the individual, but also improves people’s quality of life, ignites the spirit, boosts self-esteem and provides purpose and dignity for those with dementia.’

~ Kathleen Bowen

Thomas Holt Aged Care Facility

Kae Fowler, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Kae is the Spark of Life Master Practitioner at Thomas Holt, Sydney, New South Wales.

Kae & a group of her staff  who just completed the three-day Spark of Life Certified Practitioner Course.
Family members participating in Kae’s community education

Kae is an inspiring advocate for facilitating and engaging community involvement in meaningful activities for people with dementia. She has been implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy within Thomas Holt Aged Care Facility for the last two years and has provided important community education for families of people living at her facility as well as for people in various community programs.

Thomas Holt’s 60th birthday dinner celebration & Spark of Life Certificate ceremony, November 2016.
Participants from Kae’s Spark of Life Community Education at a local neighbourhood & community centre.
Kae facilitating the Spark of Life Club Program at Thomas Holt.

Thomas Holt was a finalist at the 7th International Ageing Asia Innovation Forum in Singapore in the Eldercare Innovation Awards 2016 for Best Dementia Care Program, for implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy.

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‘Meaningful connections are made when we speak the language of emotion. This is what Spark of Life does.’

Terry ‘Koodah’ Cornwall Aboriginal Elder and Spark of Life Master Practitioner, Western Australia

Spark of Life provides an philosophy that is so respectful of every individual and so empowering for the person with dementia. By looking beyond the ‘challenging behaviour’ and having confidence in the person’s potential, we are able to see the real beauty of the person underneath and treat them with the respect that they deserve.’

Caragh Anderson Occupational Therapist and Master Practitioner, Australia