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Heart to Heart Connections

Heart to Heart Connections is an independent community service where the Spark of Life Philosophy is underpinning the holistic approach. This specialised service supports people with dementia and their families who are struggling in their own homes and who are looking for answers and support on how to live the best possible life.

Bianca with Sylvia enjoying a special moment in the community

Bianca Briggs, Spark of Life Master Practitioner

Bianca is the Founder and Owner of Heart to Heart Connections.

Bianca has a background in Nursing and welfare, which has given her a great insight into the holistic needs of older people.

As well as having worked in aged care, administration, child care, Aboriginal communities and run two business partnerships, she was also  a welfare officer of two independent living villages where she orchestrated positive changes in active living for people 55 and over.

Bianca has worked for and with many community aged care providers promoting culture change for people living with dementia and has been the recipient of the Aged and Community Services of Western Australia Excellence in Care Employee Award.

Bianca proudly holding her 2015 Employee of the Year Award together with her son Jayden

Heart to Heart Connections and Spark of Life

Bianca is the initiator and pioneer of an important community support program for people with dementia and their families that she has named Memorable Morning Teas.

Since commencing the program in 2014, Bianca has educated staff members of local coffee shops in a number of Perth cafés providing staff with the Spark of Life Skills on how to connect and how to communicate with people who have dementia.

From this education staff members have been able to engage in a delightful and empowering way with people who have dementia who come to their café.

The outcomes from these Memorable Morning Teas, which offers such specialised service, have been so positive they have inspired others to set up similar projects.

The Memorable Morning Teas built strong relationships between staff and café guests with dementia. Staff members even initiated to look out for those who are vulnerable and living alone, creating a caring community experience.

In 2016, Bianca presented her Memorable Morning Tea initiative at a national symposium.

Bianca with Wendy enjoying her cup of tea whilst at one of Heart to Heart Connections Memorable Morning Tea events held in the Northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia

Spark of Life and Autism

In her personal life, Bianca has implemented the Spark of Life Philosophy with her son who is living with Autism.

‘The Spark of Life Philosophy has great benefits for people living with Autism enabling us to step into the shoes of the world that often eludes neurotypical (normal) people. The philosophy has truly been the game changer that assisted our family to support our son to be the wonderful young man that he is today, and for him to be able to live and work in mainstream society.

The Spark of Life Philosophy opens up channels of love and kindness that are so needed to work alongside people with autism, enabling us to look beyond the behaviours and tantrums, and instead seeing these outbursts as displays of unmet need.’

~ Bianca Briggs

If you are a leader in the field of Autism and are interested in implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy in your field, please contact us on info@dementiacareinternational.com – we would love to talk with you.

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Spark of Life was unanimously chosen because of its… optimistic whole systems approach towards rementia and dementia rehabilitation.’

Christa M. Merzeder (Formerly Christa Monkhouse) IAHSA Jury Member 2009, Switzerland