Spark of Life Set of A3 Communication Posters

These A3 inspirational communication posters are a phenomenal resource to embed, new language and understanding that is essential for facilitating the best possible connection with people who have dementia and assist in the prevention and solving of behaviours of concern.

All posters come laminated in A3 size on a colourful background. Ideal for walls or notice boards in hallways, staff rooms or nurses’ stations where they can benefit staff in their everyday engagement with residents or clients who have dementia.

Recommendations for best use of the 10 Spark of Life Communication Posters:

  • Choose one poster for each monthly team meeting for an inspiring education focus.
    – At the meeting, share the information on the chosen poster and invite the support from the team that this is what you as a team will be focusing on this month.
    – Ask the participants for their ideas on how they can use this information and new language.
  • Use positive acknowledgement when as leader you observe your team using their new skills.
  • Have one location allocated where the new poster is displayed straight after the team meeting for everyone to check and learn from.
  • Rotate the posters around the building to keep reinforcing the new language.
  • Display the posters anywhere in your service for visitors and families to also benefit from.
  • Make the poster called, ‘Enriching Health Care Appointments‘, essential reading for any outside service provider to familiarise themselves with before engaging with any resident, client or patient who have dementia to ensure the best possible experience for both.

The topics of the 10 posters:

•  Spark of Life 5 Core Emotional Needs
•  10 Tips to Connect and Communicate
•  3 Great Communication Hints
•  How to Introduce Yourself and Build Instant Trust
•  How to Reconnect with Lost Memory
•  How to Communicate with a Person who cannot Speak
•  Preventing Angry and Challenging Behaviour
•  Understanding Symbolic Expression in People with Dementia
•  Seeing with the Heart
•  Enriching Health Care Appointments

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